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35 “Impressive” Fancy cocktails to make at home


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33 Sophisticated, Ultra Fancy Cocktail Recipes To Make At Home – Whether you’re looking to impress guests, your lady love, or main man with high-end, upscale cocktails, we’ve got you covered. These classy alcoholic drinks are made with fresh flowers, toasted almonds, lavender, and more! You’ll be feeling so fancy while sipping on your drink that your pinky will raise itself in no time at all.

If you’re looking to take your cocktail game up a notch, look no further! These 33 oh-so-fancy cocktail recipes are sure to impress even the most discerning of palates. If you’re “new-ish” to the world of cocktails *cough legal*, you probably started out with a bunch of sweet fruity alcoholic drinks, and now you’re looking to upgrade to something a little more sophisticated. Maybe you’ve even dabbled in making some easy mixed drinks at home, but you’re ready to move on to the big leagues.

Or maybe you’re a seasoned pro ready to ditch the keg stands and red solo cups for something a little more… elegant. Whatever your reasons for wanting to fancy up your cocktail game, we’ve got the perfect list of high-end alcoholic drinks for you! So grab a glass, and let’s get started!

Disclaimer: This post is intended for people of legal drinking age. Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive!

33 fancy Cocktails To Make at Home

1. Sparkling Black Cherry Martini

Are you looking for a sophisticated cocktail to serve at your next party? This Sparkling Black Cherry Martini is a refreshing, simple to make and the dark red cherries really pop!
Check out this recipe
Sparkling Black Cherry Martini

2. Passion Fruit Vodka Martini Cocktail

Prepare this delicious and refreshing cocktail for the summer using fresh passion fruit puree, lime juice, and vanilla, resulting in a fancy cocktail that will have your friends in awe!
Check out this recipe
Passion Fruit Vodka Martini Cocktail

3. Gin Aperol Sour Is A Posh Cocktail Recipe

Citrusy, slightly bitter, and sweet, it's the ideal Aperol Sour to pair with appetizers before dinner! A fantastic idea for your next get-together!
Check out this recipe
Gin Aperol Sour Cocktail

4. Peach Bellini

This lucious peach bellinni recipe is delicious, impressive, and incredibly simple to prepare. It's a classy cocktail perfect for brunch and with only three ingredients, you can't go wrong.
Check out this recipe
Peach Bellini

5. Lemon Drop Cocktail

There is nothing more refreshing than lemon, and this Lemon Drop Cocktail is a sweet and tart cocktail perfect for an alcoholic dessert to enjoy with friends!
Check out this recipe
Lemon Drop Cocktail

6. Twinkle Cocktail with elderflower and sparkling wine

If you want to impress your guests with a fancy, soft, yet delectable cocktail? This Twinkle Cocktail is a delicious drink made with gin, elderflower cordial, and champagne-style sparkling wine. To serve with appetizers, this is a very elegant cocktail. 
Check out this recipe
Twinkle Cocktail with elderflower and sparkling wine

7. Fancy it Up With An Apple Cider Mimosa

This Apple Cider and Champagne cocktail combines fruity flavors with autumn spices to create a refreshing cocktail to enjoy with brunch or with tea cakes!
Check out this recipe
Apple Cider Mimosa

8. Pink Lemonade Prosecco Gin Frozen Cocktail

If you're planning a girls' night, the Pink Lemonade Prosecco Gin Frozen Cocktail is the perfect cocktail to impress your girlfriends. Something soft, pink and delicious! It's Fancy with a capital F!
Check out this recipe
Pink Lemonade Prosecco Gin Frozen Cocktail

9. Make a Fancy Limoncello Cocktail

Limoncello cocktails are fantastic and will not disappoint! Try it and enjoy a refreshing drink that will undoubtedly become one of your favorites. It's perfect for summer afternoons by the pool!
Check out this recipe
Limoncello Cocktail

10. French Kiss: A Classy Cocktail For Posh Events

Do you want the perfect amount of sweetness with a touch of soft alcohol? This French Kiss cocktail is a must-try because of its elegant sparkling bubbles, making it the ideal cocktail to enjoy on a special night.
Check out this recipe
French Kiss

11. Rossini Cocktail

Allow the elegance of this rossini cocktail to delight your palate and leave you wanting more! It's a simple two-ingredient cocktail made with strawberry puree and prosecco.
Check out this recipe
Rossini Cocktail

12. Chocolate Orange Martini

If you're looking for something sweet to drink for dessert, this decadent chocolate orange martini may be just the thing. With just a hint of orange this is one cocktail that screams up-scale!
Check out this recipe
Chocolate Orange Martini

13. Impress Your Guests With This Elderflower Martini

The Elderflower Martini is a delicate cocktail with lovely flavors. St. Germain Elderflower liqueur teams well with either vodka or gin in the martini.
Check out this recipe
3C3A1624 1 35

14. Lavender Vodka Spritz Cocktail

It doesn't get any more fancy than this! This Lavender Vodka Cocktail is a light and refreshing floral cocktail that is like silk on your tongue. Perfect for those looking for a high class alcoholic drink.
Check out this recipe
Lavender Vodka Spritz Cocktail

15. Whiskey Blood Orange Smash Recipe

If you prefer something stronger but still elegant, this Whiskey Blood Orange Smash is the cocktail for you. A perfect balance of elegance and alcohol percentage for your party.
Check out this recipe
Whiskey Blood Orange Smash Recipe

16. A Sophisticated Toasted Almond And Apricot Gin Fizz

A luxuriously smooth almond and apricot gin fizz unlike any other. To get the full recipe and enjoy the true flavor of this delectable cocktail at home, click on the link.
Check out this recipe
Toasted Almond And Apricot Gin Fizz

17. Cucumber rose gin and tonic

This cucumber rose gin and tonic is a gorgeous refreshing highball cocktail that’s crisp, slightly floral and incredibly well balanced. Serve in a crystal goblet to make it extra fancy!
Check out this recipe
cover image gin and tonic 35

18. Kir Royale Cocktail Recipe

Kir royale is a refined champagne cocktail from France. Creme de cassis is mixed with champagne to create a delightful pale pink aperitif that is so classy and sophisticated that it would be ideal for a get-together with friends.
Check out this recipe
Kir Royale Cocktail Recipe

19. A Classy Champagne Cocktail with Lemon Vodka

If you want to impress your guests, I guarantee that this Vodka Champagne Cocktail will be a hit! It has a surprise of edible glitter in the glass, which adds a touch of elegance. Simple to prepare and sure to impress.
Check out this recipe
Champagne Cocktail With Lemon Vodka

20. Lillet & Gin cocktail

If you want to unwind at home with a refreshing cocktail, try this Lillet and Gin Cocktail, which combines the flavors of Lillet Rosé and gin with a lemon and lime mix. Simply delightful.
Check out this recipe
Lillet & Gin cocktail

21. Rose Syrup French 75: an Empress Gin Cocktail

This rose syrup French 75 is a well-balanced Empress gin cocktail that's festive and floral but not overly sweet, making it a perfect choice of elegance to impress your guests and drink something so unique, elegant, and delicious!
Check out this recipe
Rose Syrup French 75: an Empress Gin Cocktail

22. Try This Sophisticated Café con Leche Martini Cocktail

Café con Leche Martinis are the cocktail to toast with. Bold espresso shaken together with vodka, Kahlúa, and dark rum create a sophisticated libation.
Check out this recipe
Cafe con Leche Martini FB IG 1 35

23. Hibiscus Tea Cosmo

This is a unique, rich, sweet, and fragrant cocktail that you should try! It's the ideal combination of elegance, sweetness, and alcohol to help you relax. This upscale version of a classic cosmo radiates class!
Check out this recipe
Hibiscus Tea Cosmo

24. Perfectly Pink Rosé Grapefruit Sangria

This classic cocktail will always be a favorite! You can make a large batch and it will still look just as elegant in a pitcher as it does served individually. It's the perfect "fancy" cocktial to serve with brunch!
Check out this recipe
Perfectly Pink Rosé Grapefruit Sangria

25. Make an Upscale Elderflower Grapefruit Gin and Tonic

There's nothing like having the perfect cocktail to refresh and delight with unique flavors on those hot days, and this Elderflower grapefruit gin and tonic is a perfect combination of sweet grapefruit juice, fragrant rosemary, and elderflower liqueur added to the classic gin and tonic, resulting in a fresh, refreshing, and beautiful year-round cocktail.
Check out this recipe
Elderflower Grapefruit Gin and Tonic

26. An Oh So Classy Yet Dirty Martini

With this dirty martini recipe, olive brines elevates the classic martini into the realm of savory and sophisticated cocktails. It's salty from the olive brine and dry from the vermouth and gin, so it's a great choice if you want something different and definitely not sweet.
Check out this recipe
Dirty Martini

27. Bourbon Rosemary Cocktail

Every sip of this bourbon rosemary cocktail exudes elegance, sophistication, and fanciness. Made with homemade rosemary syrup, bourbon, lemon, and maple syrup.
Check out this recipe
Bourbon Rosemary Cocktail

28. Lavender Bee’s Knees

There is something that lavender provides when mixed with foods or drinks, and you must discover it for yourself if you want to enjoy a distinct flavor that only this sophisticated lavender bee's knees cocktail can provide.
Check out this recipe
Lavender Bee’s Knees

29. This Fancy Hibiscus Margarita Is Sure To Please

This Mexican inspired drink recipe is made with tequila, fresh-squeezed lime juice, orange liqueur and a homemade hibiscus syrup. This pretty pink drink is tart and floral. Enjoy hibiscus margaritas on the rocks with a hibiscus salted rim!
Check out this recipe
Hibiscus Margarita 12 35

30. A Gin Sour Cocktail with Lavender

Empress 1908 Gin, curaçao, lemon juice, egg white, and Butterfly Pea Blossom and Lavender Syrup are used to make this Gin Sour Cocktail with Lavender. An expensive but worthwhile cocktail that you can make at home to unwind after a long day. Try it now by clicking on the link to get the complete recipe.
Check out this recipe
A Gin Sour Cocktail with Lavender

31. Cynar Toronto

This Cynar Toronto cocktail is made with amaro in an old-fashioned style, that everyone will love, its a unique cocktail that will be a perfect selection to serve at your next private party. This stirred drink has the perfect balance of sweet and bitter flavors!
Check out this recipe
Cynar Toronto

32. Lavender Lemon Drop Vodka Martini

The combination of lavender and vodka yields a distinct flavor that you will enjoy. This lavender lemon drop vodka martini is a light spring cocktail that you will enjoy.
Check out this recipe
Lavender Lemon Drop Vodka Martini

33. Ultra-Fancy Strawberry Gimlet

Great things can happen when sophistication meets alcohol, and this easy strawberry gimlet makes the best cocktail full of elegance and, of course, real strawberries for the purest flavor.
Check out this recipe
Strawberry Gimlet

34. Spiced Vanilla Bean Bushwacker

This fancy cocktail is perfect for winter and fall celebrations. It ads a bit of elegance to the table and the flavor of the the vanilla bean really pops.
Check out this recipe
vanilla bean bushwhacker recipe

35. Whiskey Dreamsicle Cocktail Recipe

This fizzy cocktail uses 3 ingredeints and tastes like a orange dreamsicle with hits of vanilla from the whiskey. Fancy doens't have to mean complicated!
Check out this recipe
whiskey dreamcicle cocktail


How long does it take to make a fancy cocktail?

This really depends on the recipe you choose. Some of these cocktails are pretty straightforward and won’t take more than a few minutes to whip up, while others may require a bit more time and effort. But we promise they’re all worth it!

Do I need any special equipment to make these cocktails?

Again, it depends on the recipe. For some of these drinks, all you’ll need is a shaker and some ice. But for others, you may need things like a muddler, fine mesh strainer, or jigger.

What is the best way to serve these cocktails?

In a glass, duh! But seriously, some of these recipes call for specific types of glasses, so be sure to check the recipe before you start making your drink. And if you really want to impress your guests, try garnishing your cocktails with things like fresh herbs, fruit, or even edible flowers!

More Cocktail Recipes

Crafting this list of fancy cocktail recipes has been a fun journey for me through some of the most distinguished and well-loved mixes. Each drink, from the Sparkling Black Cherry Martini to the Lavender Lemon Drop Vodka Martini, represents a classy, upscale feel that’s nice to have every once and a while. When you’re searching for a drink that’s sure to impress, and a bit out of the ordinary, whether for a special gathering or just to treat yourself, this list promises a match for the occasion. Here’s to memorable evenings and the perfect drink in hand. Cheers!

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