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Frequently Asked Questions!

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how long does it take to get a cooking question answered?

Please allow 1-2 business days to receive a response to your question. While we try to get to everyone’s queries in a timely manner there may be some delays.

Is FAQ Kitchen Hiring?

As of now, FAQ Kitchen is not hiring any new contractors. If you feel that your skills and interests match up with FAQ Kitchen you may submit your resume to be kept on file should a position open up.

does faq kitchen accept guest posts?

FAQ Kitchen does accept unpaid guest posts that are well-written and original. If you are interested in guest posting send a message using the above form or by directly emailing.

I am a recipe blogger how do i get my recipes on faq kitchen?

FAQ Kitchen does accept recipe submissions. If you have a recipe you think goes well with a particular post use the contact form or email directly for more information.

does faq kitchen work with sponsors?

FAQ Kitchen words with companies and brands we can back and believe in. If you have a kitchen gadget, food item or accessory you’d like featured on FAQ Kitchen use the contact form or email directly with as many details as possible about your product and collaboration requests.

does Faq kitchen offer ad placement?

Yes, custom ad placement is available for recipe sites, brands, and bloggers. FAQ Kitchen offers various packages and rates. Fill out the contact form above or email directly for more information.