a collage image of sweet alcoholic drinks for beginners, including mojitos, watermelon margaritas, sangria, frozen rose and more representing the best tasting fruity alcoholic drinks for beginners

33 Best Tasting Sweet Alcoholic Drinks For Beginners


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From sweet margaritas to fruity mojitos and salted peanut butter whiskey hot chocolate, this list of the best tasting sweet alcoholic drinks for beginners has got it all! There’s a cocktail for everyone’s taste!

If you are new to drinking alcohol or want to try something different for a change, then this blog post is perfect for you. We will talk about the best-tasting sweet alcoholic drinks that beginners can enjoy without too much of an overwhelming alcohol taste. 

What are the best tasting sweet alcoholic drinks for beginners? Many different types of alcohol can be classified as “sweet,” and they all have their own distinctive flavor. Ranging from fruity cocktails to sparkling wine, there is a drink out there for every taste! In this blog post, we will explore 33 of the best tasting sweet alcoholic drinks for beginners so you can find your new favorite cocktail recipe.

Disclaimer: This post is intended for people of legal drinking age. Always drink responsibly, never drink and drive! If you’re a beginner and have a low alcohol tolerance do NOT push yourself. Alcohol poisoning can be fatal. While sweet alcoholic beverages are delicious they can creep up on you. Be aware of your consumption and stay hydrated, for every cocktail follow-up with a glass of water. Don’t drink on an empty stomach.

What is the best alcoholic drink to start with when you’re new to cocktails?

The world of cocktails can be very overwhelming for beginners, especially if you are drinking them for the first time. If this is your case, then it’s best to go with something easier to drink that doesn’t overwhelm your palate with a raw alcohol flavor.

If you want to go traditional starting out, you can’t go wrong with classics like Piña colada, Strawberry Daquiri, Frozen Mudslide, or a Mint Mojito!

What type of alcohol makes the best tasting sweet alcoholic drinks?

Many people think that all types of alcohol taste the same, but that’s not true! Each liquor, malt beverage, beer, wine, and mixed alcoholic beverage is unique in its own way and every person’s palate is unique!

The type of alcohol you choose will depend on your personal preferences and what “flavor” you are looking for when drinking a cocktail. Alcohol types can be divided into four main categories, which include clear spirits (vodka, gin), brown spirits (whiskey, rum), Ales (beer), and wines.

Vodka is a popular choice for beginners; some say it tastes like rubbing alcohol while others love it. Whisky is also a go-to for people who are new to drinking. You can choose from several belly-warming flavors like cinnamon-y fireball whiskey, PB Whiskey, and so much more!

You can pretty much take any hard liquor and create a sweet drink from it, so pick a base that you think you’ll like and go for it!

33 of the Best Tasting Sweet Alocoholic Cocktails for beginners

fresh watermelon vodka cocktail, sweet, fruit and one of the best tasting cocktails for beginners

1. Watermelon Vodka Cocktail

This Watermelon Vodka Cocktail is sweet, and refreshing drink perfect for beginners to try! I has a gorgeous hot pink color. It is made with a naturally sweet homemade watermelon puree and sour apple liqueur for a bit of tart.
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birthday cake martini a sweet vanilla cake in a cocktail

2. Birthday Cake Martini with Sprinkles

This Birthday Cake Martini is a sweet, celebratory cocktail, which tastes just like vanilla cake batter, but with an extra kick! This fun drink is the perfect way to celebrate a beginners birthday or any day.
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blueberry mojitos a fruity take on an old classic

3. Blueberry Mojitos

Delicious blueberry mojitos that add a blueberry twist to the classic mojito. Refreshing, fizzy, and packed with blueberry flavor, make it one of the best and tastiest sweet alcoholic drinks for beginners!
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lemon curb martini cocktail delicious and sweet perfect for beginners

4. Lemon Curd Cocktail Recipe

This Lemon Curd Cocktail is a creamy and delicious drink made with homemade lemon curd, vanilla vodka, and fresh lemon juice. It’s easy to pull together using either homemade or store-bought lemon curd.
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orange creamsicle cockta

5. 4-Ingredient Orange Julius Cocktail (Gluten-Free, Vegan)

Love orange creamsicles? This Orange Juilus is great sweet alocoholic drink to try for beginners. Not only that but it is quick and only require four ingredients!
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a warm salty skrewball whiskey hot chocolate

6. Boozy Salted Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Who can resist a steaming mug of boozy peanut butter hot chocolate decorated with fluffy whipped cream? Hot chocolate and Skrewball whiskey are a tasty combination in this hot peanut butter drink.
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fireball whiskey makes up this apple pie a la mode cocktail making for a sweet holiday cocktail

7. Apple Pie à la Mode Cocktail with Fireball Whisky and Vanilla Vodka

Get your fill of sweet apple, cinnamon, vanilla, and more wonderful flavors in every sip with this apple pie à la mode cocktail. You will become an instant fan of this apple cinnamon cocktail made with apple cider and fireball whiskey!
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Blood orange cocktail

8. Blood Orange Ginger Cocktail

A delicious and fun cocktail with blood orange Italian soda, ginger, and rosemary! This refreshing spritzer is the perfect fruit alcoholic drink for beginners.
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sweet peach sangria made with white wine and fresh peaches a fruity sweet refreshing cocktail

9. White Wine Peach Sangria

A fun sangria recipe made with fresh or frozen peaches, a mint simple syrup, and white wine and whiskey for an extra kick. It’s sweet but not overpowering and perfect if you’re looking for a fresh tasting cocktail.
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frozen dragon fruit margarita

10. Frozen Dragon Fruit Margarita

Frozen dragonfruit margarita is perfect for any occasion. This hot pink drink is made in just 5 minutes and is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! It is one of the best tasting alcoholic drinks for beginners!
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coconut mojito spritzer with fresh lemon and mint a sweet alcoholic beverage

11. Coconut Mojito

Coconut mojito is definitely a crowd pleasing cocktail. Freshly squeezed lime juice and lots of mint are muddled in coconut rum for the ultimate drink.
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fresh watermelon margarita for beginners

12. Watermelon Margarita Recipe (3-Ingredients)

You can’t go wrong with a fresh sweet tasting watermelon drink! With only three ingredients, it’s perfect for beginners and tastes great!
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Key lime martini, sweet and smooth

13. Key Lime Martini

Who doesn’t love key lime pie? This sweet martini is the perfect beginners introduction drink to martinis! Made with heavy cream, fresh limes and a taste of coconut you can’t go wrong!
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sloppy rita with grilled pineapple

14. A Sloppy Rita with Butter-Griddled Pineapple

A Sloppy Rita with Butter-Griddled Pineapple is that at home, porch party, poolside extravagance, but in a plastic cup. No limes needed. I use sour mix, a good sour mix, 100% agave Tequila, orange liquor, and a splash of orange juice. That’s it. Shake it up and rim your vessel. You can serve iced or naked, your choice.
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Red wine sangria filled with sweet fruit

15. Best Red Sangria Recipe

This Red Sangria Recipe not only sweet and tasty it provides a snack too! Blackberry brandy and amaretto, mixed with delicious wine and fruit make for a beginners dream!
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peanut butter screwball whiskey makes a tropical drink with coconut and pineapple for a unique flavor profile

16. Tropical Paradise Peanut Butter Whiskey Cocktail

Being new to alocoholic beverages one of them you’ve to to try is peanut butter whiskey (like Skrewball), then you have to try this tropical paradise cocktail. It’s loaded with the flavors of summer including rum, coconut, and pineapple. It may sound weird, but it is a sweet drink you’ll want to have over and over again!
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a fruity sweet and tard grilled peach lemon run cocktail for beginners

17. Grilled Peach and Lemon Rum Cocktail

This sweet peach and lemon rum cocktail is fruity and one of the best alcoholic drinks for beginners! It combines delicious summer fruit with one of our favorite summer activities – grilling! The fresh lemon citrus packs a punch of acidity to the drink, while the honey helps balance out the sweetness. Throw in some basil for a bitter note.
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fruity pomegranite swizzle

18. Pomegranate Swizzle

This Pomegranate Swizzle is made with white rum and offers a sweet, tasty drink with fruity notes. It’s a little stronger, but oh so good perfect for beginners that want to take the next step.
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melon, strawberry and mango agua fresca garnished with a lime and mint leaves

19. Agua Fresca Recipe

This agua fresca recipe is a basic formula to produce a perfect Mexican style alcoholic fruit drink every time! You can mix and match several different flavors!
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strawberry daiquiri recipe

20. Easy Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry Daiquiris are the quintessential cocktail for beginners. They are sweet, fruity, and taste amazing, definitely one of the best alcoholic drinks to start off with. This classic rum cocktail can be made with fresh or frozen strawberries.
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pina colada with a pineapple wedge one of the best tasting sweet alcoholic drinks for begginers

21. Classic Piña Coladas

This Authentic Puerto Rican Piña Colada is sweet and, again, one of the best alcoholic drinks for beginners! This authentic recipe will transport you to la Isla del Encanto with it’s creamy coconut flavor
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real coquito recipe perfect for the holidays

22. Coquito (Puerto Rican Coconut-Rum Cocktail)

This authentic Coquito recipe comes straight from the island of Puerto Rico. Made with fresh-squeezed coconut milk and THREE types of rum!
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frozen mudslide a milkshake like alcoholic drink that tastes great and is sweet and chocolatey

23. Frozen Mudslide

A frozen mudslide is a thick and creamy cocktail with rich chocolate and coffee flavors. This boozy adult milkshake is a must-try if you like chocolate.
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classic tequila sunrise a tasty sweet drink

24. Tequila Sunrise

This sweet, refreshing tequila sunrise cocktail is easy to make, fruity, and will have you forgetting you are drinking alcohol! Which may or may not be a good thing for a beginner.
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fresh strawberry mojitos refreshing, sweet and fruity

25. Strawberry Mojitos

Strawberry Mojitos are a thirst quenching twist on the well-loved classic cocktail. This version uses lemon rum and key lime juice for a refreshing sipper.
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Malibu bay breeze

26. Malibu Bay Breeze (3-ingredient drink)

Malibu bay breeze is a delicious fruity drink that is made with just 3 ingredients. It’s a great recipe if you’re wondering what to mix with malibu.
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27. Frozen Strawberry Margarita

27. Frozen Strawberry Margarita

A classic frozen margarita is one of the best sweet alcoholic drinks! This fruity one is flavored with fresh strawberries, tequila, and freshly squeezed lime juice, with subtle hints of orange-flavored triple sec. They are wonderful to enjoy when you’re in need of a cool down or a refreshing cocktail after a tiring week!
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28. Passion Fruit Vodka Martini Cocktail (With Puree)

28. Passion Fruit Vodka Martini Cocktail (With Puree)

This fresh passion fruit martini is made with vodka and passion fruit puree. It is the perfect summer drink for entertaining that is slightly tart and just the right amount of sweetness.
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dessert cocktail that tastes like strawberry shortcake a sweet drink for beginners

29. Strawberry Shortcake Cocktail Recipe

Whipped cream vodka and fresh strawberries make for the perfect sweet and fruity combination. It’s a dessert in a glass and will have you saying yum!
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A sweet and fruity blueberry and gin cocktail

30. Blueberry Gin Cocktail

A delicious blueberry, lemon cocktail that everyone will love. Quick and easy to make, with fresh blueberry simple syrup, lemon juice, gin, and club soda.
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godiva white chocolate frozen cocktail with real white chocolate chips

31. Godiva White Chocolate Pineapple Freeze

This Godiva White Chocolate Pineapple Freeze may soon become my favorite. It’s fresh, creamy and so delicious. It’s the Godiva’s White Chocolate liqueur that makes this so dang good. It’s like a dessert in a drink.
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Frozen Rose wine with strawberries makes the perfect sweet and fruity drink for beginners

32. Strawberry Frosé (Frozen Rosé )

And say hello to this ice cold strawberry frosé, aka frozen rosé cocktail slushy, aka the perfect drink for hot, hot, hot summer days. It is simply strawberries, sugar syrup, rosé and ice all blended together to make a light fruity slushy.
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strawberry daiquiri mixed with pina colada served with prosciutto wrapped melon balls

33. Prosciutto Melon Skewers with Miami Vice Cocktail

This Miami Vice Cocktail is so tasty, made with pina colada and strawberry daiquiri. A freebie prosciutto melon skewer recipe goes with it too! Delicious pair of drinks and snacks!
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Blackberry Basil Cocktail FBTwitter 1200x630 1 33 Best Tasting Sweet Alcoholic Drinks For Beginners Drinks Sweet Alcoholic Drinks For Beginners

34. Sparkling Summer Blackberry Basil Cocktail

Summer is the perfect time to switch up your routine and indulge with a delicious, fresh drink, like this sparkling summer blackberry basil cocktail
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Finding the Best Tasting Sweet Cocktails For You Is Going To Be Trial & Error

Keep in mind that you may have to try several alcoholic drinks before you find one that you like. When you’re testing out different liquors, mixes, and blends take note of the flavors you like and expand on it from there. Sweet, fruity drinks do tend to be the best starting off point for beginners who want to ease into cocktails.

Whether you’re a beginner or not, we hope this list of sweet alcoholic drinks has given you some inspiration and ideas about what to drink next time you’ve got friends over. We hope you’ve found something new to try, whether it be a cocktail or an ingredient. After reading this article, are there any that sound particularly exciting? If so, what do you feel is the best alcoholic drink for beginners, and what alcoholic drink will you start with? What cocktail are you most excited to make? What cocktail recipes do you think sound best? Which one will be your first attempt at mixing up something new? Let us know in the comments below – we always love hearing from our readers.

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