six different greek yogurt breakfast recipe ideas including waffles, yogurt bowls, banana split, and savory egg dishes.

31 Epic greek yogurt breakfast Recipe Ideas

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31 Deliciously Epic Greek Yogurt Breakfast Ideas – What does an epic Greek yogurt breakfast look like, you ask? Well, you’re about to find out! We’ve scoured the internet for the most delicious, easy-to-make, and healthy Greek yogurt breakfast recipes out there. From Greek yogurt pancakes and Çilbir (Turkish Eggs In Spiced Yogurt) to a Papaya Breakfast Bowl – we’ve got you covered!

Move over oatmeal, there’s a “new” healthy breakfast in town, and its name is Greek yogurt! If you’re looking to add more protein to your breakfast routine, look no further than Greek yogurt. This delicious cultured dairy product can be used in all sorts of recipes, from pancakes and waffles to yogurt bowls and smoothies. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even use it to make bagels!

Greek yogurt is a creamy, delicious breakfast favorite that can be used in so many different ways. From sweet to savory, there’s a recipe for everyone. In this blog post, we will share 31 of our favorite Greek yogurt breakfast recipes with you that will keep you full and satisfied all morning long. So whether you’re looking for something healthy and easy to make or something a little more indulgent, we have you covered!

Ps. If you’re not sure which brand of Greek yogurt is the healthiest – we’ve got you covered there too. Just click the highlighted text to be transported to the manufacturing world of Greek yogurt and all its nutritional glory!

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Common Greek Yogurt faqs

Is Greek yogurt better than regular yogurt?

Yes, Greek yogurt tends to be healthier and better for you than “regular yogurt”. It is higher in protein, probiotics and lower in sugar than most regular yogurts. It’s also thicker and creamier thanks to the straining process that removes the whey and lactose.

Is Greek yogurt fattening?

No, Greek yogurt is not fattening. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Greek yogurt is a great source of protein and can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Which is healthier, low-fat or full-fat Greek yogurt?

This is a great question and one that doesn’t have a straightforward answer. Both low-fat and full-fat Greek yogurts have their pros and cons. Low-fat Greek yogurt is lower in calories but lacks some of the satiating power of full-fat yogurt. Full-fat Greek yogurt is higher in calories, helps supply the brain with much-needed “fat power” and can help you feel fuller longer. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and what your goals are.

Can I eat Greek yogurt every day?

Yes, you can eat Greek yogurt every day if you want to! Between the probiotics, fat-burning power, and satiating ability, there are many health benefits to incorporating Greek yogurt into your daily diet.

greek yogurt recipe ideas 31 Epic greek yogurt breakfast Recipe Ideas Entrées Greek Yogurt Breakfast

Does Greek Yogurt Make A Good Breakfast?

Yes, Greek yogurt is an excellent breakfast food. It’s high in protein and can help you stay full and satisfied until lunchtime.

How much Greek yogurt should I eat for breakfast?

Between 4-6 oz is a good amount to start with. You can always add more if you’re still hungry. Most individual-sized store-bought Greek yogurts are around 5.3 oz which equals 2/3 a cup or 10.6 tablespoons for those of you that don’t have a food scale at home.

What are some good toppings for Greek yogurt?

Some great toppings for Greek yogurt include fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, granola, honey, and a drizzle of chocolate or caramel sauce.

How Long Does Greek Yogurt Last?

Greek yogurt will last in the fridge for about two weeks. It’s often still okay to eat a few days after the best buy date as well if you happen to find a hidden unopened one in the back of your fridge check it before you toss it.

What’s The Vegan Equivalent Of Plain Greek Yogurt?

There are a few different plant-based options that can be used as a vegan substitute for plain Greek yogurt. Some good options include: unsweetened cashew or almond milk yogurt, coconut yogurt, and soy yogurt.

31 Deliciously Epic Greek Yogurt Breakfast Ideas

1. Blueberry Overnight Oats

This delicious Blueberry Overnight Oats recipe is made with creamy Greek yogurt, and bursting with blueberries. It's a great option for breakfast that only takes 5 minutes to prepare.
Check out this recipe
Blueberry Overnight Oats

2. Greek Yogurt Breakfast: Egg Bites

If you prefer a savory breakfast, these Egg Bites are a delicious vegetarian option packed with cheese, veggies, and a unique blend of egg, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt. These bites are delicious and a great way to start the day.
Check out this recipe
Egg Bites

3. Healthy Coffee Cake with Cinnamon Oat Streusel

Greek yogurt, whole wheat flour, and apple sauce are used to make this healthy coffee cake, which is a great option for breakfast because it is nutritious, contains caffeine, and has a delicious sweet taste.
Check out this recipe
Healthy Coffee Cake with Cinnamon Oat Streusel

4. Banana Split with Berries for breakfast

This banana split with berries is a great option for a healthy and energy-filled breakfast. Bananas, fresh berries, and Greek yogurt are all you need to make an easy no-cook breakfast that is a nutritious alternative to a smoothie bowl.
Check out this recipe
Banana Split with Berries

5. Greek Yogurt Flax Seed Bagels Recipe

Fresh bagels at home? Yes, please! This breakfast recipe cobines Greek yogurt with self-rising flour to make your bagel base and then all you need is to add your topping!
Check out this recipe
Dough Flax Seed Bagels Recipe

6. Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese (Jajik)

This Greek yogurt breakfast idea is perfect for brunch! It's packed full of herbs, scallions, chives, and chilis mixed into the Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese. This spread goes well with crackers and is a delicious Middle Eastern recipe called Jajik.
Check out this recipe
Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese (Jajik)

7. Greek Yogurt Custard Breakfast Toast

Greek yogurt custard toast – move over french toast there's a new custardy breakfast in town. This is a simple breakfast recipe that is creamy, crispy, tangy, and sweet. To get the full recipe, click on the link!
Check out this recipe
Yogurt Custard Toast

8. Savory Custard Toast with Smoked Salmon & Avocado

This savory custard toast with smoked salmon and avocado is a must-try. A simple recipe that can be completed in a matter of minutes, perfect for brunch!
Check out this recipe
Savory Custard Toast with Smoked Salmon & Avocado

9. Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Banana Healthy Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

If you preferred a sweet and healthy breakfast, this Greek yogurt breakfast bowl checks all the boxes. This bowl will undoubtedly provide you with the energy you require for the remainder of your day!
Check out this recipe
Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Banana Breakfast Bowl

10. Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl

This creamy smoothie bowl recipe combines red grapefruit, Greek yogurt, pineapple, and banana. If you prefer something fresh and healthy in the morning, this recipe is a great option and a healthy way to start your day.
Check out this recipe
Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl

11. Raspberry Cheesecake Smoothie

If you prefer smoothies in the morning, you'll love this raspberry cheesecake smoothie, which tastes like dessert but is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and protein to get you going. Simple ingredients and little effort.
Check out this recipe
Raspberry Cheesecake Smoothie

12. Breakfast Rhubarb Scone Strawberry Shortcakes

This is a one-of-a-kind and delectable breakfast option! This Greek Yogurt Rhubarb Scone is layered with macerated strawberries and homemade whipped cream for a breakfast treat that will quickly become a favorite.
Check out this recipe
Breakfast Rhubarb Scone Strawberry Shortcakes

13. Apple Oatmeal Bake

Early in the morning craving for something sweet but also looking for a healthy option? This baked oatmeal has the flavor of apple cake but is high in nutrients! This Greek yogurt breakfast is high in protein and rich in falvor!
Check out this recipe
Apple Oatmeal Bake

14. Instant Pot Greek Yogurt Recipe

This Instant Pot Yogurt recipe is simple to make and results in creamier, healthier yogurt right in your own home. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal, and this one is simple to prepare, healthy, and delicious.
Check out this recipe
Instant Pot Yogurt

15. Mini Fruit Tart with Greek Yogurt Filling

Surprise your family with these Mini Fruit Tarts, which are the perfect summer treat. They're nutritious, eggless, delightful, creamy, and incredibly tasty.  They're a great weekend breakfast option.
Check out this recipe
Mini Fruit Tart with Greek Yogurt Filling

16. Sweet Potato Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Pancakes are always a good idea, and if you're looking for something different for breakfast, these healthy sweet potato Greek yogurt pancakes are fluffy and flavorful! They are gluten-free and ideal for a more nutritious breakfast.
Check out this recipe
Sweet Potato Pancakes

17. Çilbir –Turkish Eggs in Spiced Yoghurt

Eggs are always a good breakfast option, so why not try them in a more fancy presentation? These Turkish eggs on yogurt, topped with spiced melted butter, is a fancy way to enjoy a simple breakfast.
Check out this recipe
Çilbir –Turkish Eggs in Spiced Yoghurt

18. Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

This Cream Cheese & Greek Yogurt Fruit Dip is a healthy yet delicious option for dipping fruits! Kids will love this breakfast or snack to start the day!
Check out this recipe
Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

19. Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipe

This Greek yogurt breakfast is a great way to sneak yogurt into your kids diet. Make ahead of time and serve as a healthy snack or breakfast. Your kids will think they are getting ice cream for breakfast!
Check out this recipe
Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipe

20. Matcha Overnight Oats

Matcha is a popular drink that everyone enjoys nowadays, and this Matcha Overnight Oats recipe is a healthy, gluten-free breakfast packed with protein from chia seeds and Greek yogurt.
Check out this recipe
Matcha Overnight Oats

21. Greek Yogurt Cheesecake

We admit, this really isn't the healhiest Greek yogurt breakfast recipe, but it sure is delcious. Serve this at a brunch with friends and you're sure to have everyone talking!
Check out this recipe
Greek Yogurt Cheesecake

22. Homemade Cranberry and Orange Yogurt Muffins

These delectable muffins will drive you insane! This cranberry and orange muffins are so moist and delicious that you won't mind eating more than one every morning.
Check out this recipe
Homemade Cranberry and Orange Yogurt Muffins

23. Key Lime Pie Milkshake

If you prefer something to drink rather than something to eat, this Key Lime Pie Milkshake is a lighter take on the classic dessert that you can enjoy on the go! It's a Greek yogurt breakfast recipe that is so good you'll almost feel guilty about it.
Check out this recipe
Key Lime Pie Milkshake

24. Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

If you have these two ingredients on hand, these Pumking Spice Cinnamon Rolls are ideal. It's a simple and quick recipe that will quickly become a favorite.
Check out this recipe
Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

25. Papaya Breakfast Bowl Recipe

This Stuffed Papaya Breakfast Bowl Recipe adds a new twist to your breakfast routine. This breakfast recipe is sure to please and is a healthy meal to start your day full of energy, light and delicious flavors.
Check out this recipe
Papaya Breakfast Bowl Recipe

26. Lemon Donuts Recipe

Healthy Greek yogurt breakfast donuts… Yes, please! If you're on a diet and enjoy donuts, these homemade Lemon Donuts will become a favorite breakfast or snack because they'll keep you on track while also being delicious! You must try this recipe.
Check out this recipe
Lemon Donuts Recipe

27. Greek Yogurt Breakfast: Keto Chaffle Sandwich Recipe

Mornings and diets had never tasted so good until you tried these Keto Chaffle Yogurt Sandwiches. This recipe is simple, fast, and delicious! Those Crunchy Keto Chaffles are completely Low Carb, Grain-Free, and Gluten-Free, and come in a variety of flavors to spice up your daily keto breakfast routine.
Check out this recipe
Yogurt Keto Chaffle Sandwich Recipe

28. Traditional Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Weekends and mornings aren't complete without pancakes, and these healthy Greek Yogurt Pancakes are out of this world! They're light, fluffy, and delectable. Tap the link for the full recipe, and those family breakfasts will become a tradition.
Check out this recipe
Greek Yogurt Pancakes

29. Blueberry Oatmeal Greek Yogurt Breakfast Muffins

Make ahead of time and grab a batch of these Blueberry Oatmeal Greek Yogurt Muffins on your way to work! They're packed with blueberries and oats and go great with a cup of coffee.
Check out this recipe
Blueberry Oatmeal Greek Yogurt Muffins

30. Greek Yogurt Cheesecakes

These Greek yogurt cheesecakes are not only beautiful but also delicious breakfast treats! If you try one, you will want more because cheesecake is a classic!
Check out this recipe
Greek Yogurt Cheesecakes

31. Watermelon Granola Trifle

If you're tired of eating the same thing, try something new and different with this Watermelon Granola Trifle. This Watermelon Granola Trifle is a healthy alternative to traditional dessert trifles and makes an excellent breakfast dessert!
Check out this recipe
Watermelon Granola Trifle

What Greek yogurt breakfast recipe are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments!

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