Egg whites are an important ingredient in many cooking and baking recipes. They have a neutral flavor that works well with all sorts of dishes. Plus, there are a ton of benefits to using egg whites.

We’ve compiled a list of 41 recipes that use leftover egg whites and transform them into decadent desserts and savory dinners!

These chewy Italian almond cookies with jam are a delectable dessert.

Chewy Italian Almond Cookies With Jam


Use your leftover egg whites to make a beautiful meringue, add whipped cream and berries to create this decadent traditional Eton mess. Perfect for parties or sunday dinners.

Traditional Eton Mess


Also known as egg white cookies or chocolate chip meringue cookies, whatever you call them they are incredibly tasty and an excellent way to use leftover egg whites.

Forgotten Cookies


Coconut macaroons are a chewy and gooey chocolate chip, nut, or both-stuffed cookie. These cookies are incredibly easy to prepare.

Coco’s Coconut Macaroons


An Italian meringue crowns this no-bake pie, which has a cookie crust and a refreshing lemon filling.

No-bake lemon meringue pie


Kaiserschmarrn is an Austrian specialty. These light and airy pancakes are frequently served with apple sauce.