six different recipes with ground beef and rice from meatballs, koren beef, to taco bowls

27 recipes with ground beef & rice Your Family Will Love

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27 Recipes with ground beef and rice – If you’re looking for some delicious and easy recipes that feature ground beef and rice, you’ve come to the right place. From casseroles and skillet meals to soups and stews, there’s something here for everyone. And best of all, these recipes are all quick and easy to make!

We’ve all been there… a package of ground beef staring us down on the chicken counter, and we have no idea what to do with it. Sure, you could make burgers or meatloaf, but why not mix things up a bit? Ground beef is such a versatile ingredient, and there are so many delicious things you can make with it! And rice to the mix and you have a complete meal!

Rice and ground beef are two of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen. They can be used to create simple weeknight dinners or elaborate dishes fit for a special occasion. In this blog post, we will share 27 recipes that will make your family love rice and ground beef even more! From stuffed peppers to stuffed summer squash, there is something for everyone in this roundup. So get cooking!


What can I do with ground beef and rice?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to recipes that include ground beef and rice. For example, you could make a simple stir-fry with some veggies and serve it over a bed of rice. Or, you could try your hand at making homemade sushi rolls filled with ground beef and rice. The options are truly endless!

What rice pairs the best with beef?

There are many different types of rice that pair well with beef. For example, white rice is a classic pairing that is used in many different cuisines. However, brown rice, wild rice, and even black rice are all excellent choices as well. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Basmati is a personal favorite of ours!

Can you cook rice and meat at the same time?

Yes, you can cook rice and meat at the same time. However, it is important to note that the cooking times will vary depending on the type of rice you are using. For example, white rice will cook much faster than brown rice. Keep this in mind when you are planning your meal!

Now that we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about ground beef and rice, let’s get to the recipes!

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27 Ground Beef and Rice Recipes Your Family Will Love

1. Stuffed Peppers with Rice & Ground Beef

These stuffed peppers with rice and ground beef are a colorful and delicious lunch or dinner dish. It's sophisticated, delicious, and easy to make! Discover how to make this unique meal. 
Check out this recipe
Stuffed Peppers with Rice & Ground Beef

2. Instant Pot Dirty Rice

If you have an instant pot, it will be very useful to make this ground beef and rice recipe. This meal is filling and can be served as a side dish or as the main course.
Check out this recipe
Instant Pot Dirty Rice

3. Instant Pot Stuffed Pepper Soup

Nothing beats a hearty soup on a cold night, and if you don't have enough time with the Instant Pot, this Stuffed Pepper Soup tastes exactly like a delicious pepper that everyone will enjoy.
Check out this recipe
Instant Pot Stuffed Pepper Soup

4. Thai Beef Basil with Coconut Rice

Bring an international and unique flavor with this Thai Beef Basil with Coconut Rice. It is a flavorful, easy-to-make dinner that can be serve at any time any day. 
Check out this recipe
Thai Beef Basil with Coconut Rice

5. Mongolian Meatballs Made With Ground Beef And Rice

If you're looking for a good meatball recipe, look no further. These super simple and absolutely delicious Mongolian meatballs are the ones you should learn and try. They will undoubtedly become a favorite.
Check out this recipe
Mongolian Meatballs

6. Beef Meatballs With Tomato Sauce and Rice

A classic recipe that is so delicious that it should not be overlooked in your recipe collection. This Beef Meatballs with Oregano Tomato Sauce and Rice is a delicious and simple dinner that you can serve to your family and enjoy hearty flavors.
Check out this recipe
Beef Meatballs With Tomato Sauce and Rice

7. Butternut Squash Casserole With Rice & Ground Beef

This Butternut squash casserole with rice & ground beef is a cheesy, filling, delicious, and unique recipe that you will enjoy. Loaded with butternut squash, ground beef, instant brown rice, broth, cream, salt, pepper & rosemary!
Check out this recipe
Butternut Squash Casserole With Rice & Ground Beef

8. Pizza Rice Casserole

If you enjoy pizza, you will love this Pizza Rice Casserole. It will undoubtedly become a favorite weeknight dish because it tastes like pizza but in a hearty way.
Check out this recipe
Pizza Rice Casserole

9. Hoisin Beef Bowl With Rice

We know, we know this recipe recommends cauliflower rice but it is just too good not to have on our list. You can substitue a grain rice (we recommend basmasti) for the cauliflower rice.
Check out this recipe
Hoisin Beef Bowl

10. Taco Rice Casserole Recipe

This recipe calls for a fun Mexican party for the whole family. To satisfy your cravings, prepare this delicious Taco Rice Casserole for any weeknight dinner.
Check out this recipe
Taco Rice Casserole Recipe

11. Albondigas Soup (Beef Meatballs Made With Rice!)\{P:’?

This Albondigas Soup (Mexican Meatball Soup) is so fillied with vegetables and it's perfect for those cold nights at home after work. To get the full recipe, click on the link.
Check out this recipe
Albondigas Soup

12. Beef Mince Curry

This Beef Mince Curry is perfect with rice and only takes 30 minutes to prepare. It tastes so good that you will not be disappointed. It's the perfect recipe with ground beed and rice!
Check out this recipe
Beef Mince Curry

13. Rice Stuffed Zucchini Casserole

Zucchini is a popular vegetable, and this recipe is so filling and delicious that it makes this Rice Stuffed Zucchini Casserole a unique way to serve dinner tonight.
Check out this recipe
Rice Stuffed Zucchini Casserole

14. Instant Pot Beef Rice-A-Roni

This recipe uses only a few pantry ingredients and takes less than 20 minutes to prepare! This Instant Pot Beef Rice-A-Roni recipe is quick and easy to make.
Check out this recipe
Instant Pot Beef Rice-A-Roni

15. IP Stuffed Beef & Rice Cabbage Rolls

If you have an Instant Pot, use it to make these Cabbage Rolls. Filled with beef and rice and served with a bright tomato sauce. They're a delectable meal to serve to your family, and you'll enjoy every bite.
Check out this recipe
Instant Pot Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

16. Stuffed Beef & Rice Yellow Squash

If you enjoy trying out new recipes, this is one to consider. If you learn how to make this stuffed yellow squash filled with ground beef, rice, and Middle Eastern spices and cooked in tomato sauce, you will love it.
Check out this recipe
Stuffed Yellow Squash

17. Korean Beef Bowl

With only 15 minutes and a few ingredients, you can make these delectable Korean beef bowls for a quick weeknight meal! Tap the link to get the full recipe, which is so simple you'll want to save it to your recipe collection.
Check out this recipe
Korean Beef Bowl

18. Guacamole Beef and Rice Skillet

This recipe had us at guacamole! This Beef and Rice Skillet with the tasty addition of guacamole is a great easy weeknight meal that the whole family is sure to love.
Check out this recipe
Guacamole Beef and Rice Skillet

19. Mexican Beef And Rice Casserole

Casseroles are synonymous with cheese, which is why we absolutely love this Mexican Beef And Rice Casserole. It's a simple, cheesy, and delicious ground beef skillet dinner with Mexican beefy taco flavor that the whole family will enjoy!
Check out this recipe
Mexican Beef And Rice Casserole

20. Porcupine Meatballs

This recipe is truly out of this world, and you must try it. This Porcupine meatballs are enriched with long grain rice and cooked in a tomato sauce with a secret ingredient. Everyone enjoys comfort food!
Check out this recipe
Porcupine Meatballs

21. Persian Kabobs

A traditional Persian minced meat kabob cooked over an open charcoal flame is a Koobideh Kabob. It's flavorful but light on ingredients. This recipe combines ground beef, rice, and some delectable species.
Check out this recipe
Persian Kabobs

22. Healthy Beef & Rice Stuffed Green Chile Enchiladas

Are you looking for a delicious healthy recipe? This version of green chili beef enchiladas has all of the flavor of the original but is healthier and dairy-free! Ideal for a healthy dinner.
Check out this recipe
Healthy Green Chile Beef Enchiladas

23. Beef Burrito Bowls

Bowls are a delicious lunch or dinner option. They are nutritious and simple to prepare. This recipe, made with ground beef mince and served with homemade guacamole and a tomato and corn salsa for the perfect toppings, will please the whole family!
Check out this recipe
Beef Burrito Bowls

24. Chilli Con Carne with Homemade Tortilla Chips

A comfort meal is always welcome at your table, and this Chilli Con Carne with Homemade Tortilla Chips is a truly delectable recipe that the entire family will enjoy. For tonight's dinner, try this incredible recipe.
Check out this recipe
Chilli Con Carne with Homemade Tortilla Chips

25. Cheesy Beef Taco Skillet Recipe with Cauliflower Rice

Enjoy the combination of all these delectable flavors that result in this cheesy beef taco skillet recipe that is simple and quick to prepare for dinner.
Check out this recipe
Cheesy Beef Taco Skillet Recipe with Cauliflower Rice

26. Mediterranean Spiced Rice

Spicy flavors have the delectable benefit of enhancing the true flavors of any dish, and this Mediterranean spiced rice recipe is no exception. It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.
Check out this recipe
Mediterranean Spiced Rice

27. Leftover Beef & Rice Tacos

Tuesday tacos or tacos any day! This Baked Ground Beef Taco recipe with rice makes easy cheesy tacos in 25 minutes that are so tasty! Perfect for when you have leftovers that you just don't know what to do with.
Check out this recipe
Leftover Rice Tacos

What ground beef & Rice recipe are you going to make first?

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